Sunday, October 31, 2010

Emperor Emmanuel Church - Joseph Ponnara - Exposed!

Kerala,India, Sep.15, 2010 - A new cult Emperor Emmanuel also known as Zion flourishing in a place called Muriyad, Kerala founded by Mr. Joseph Ponnara is deceiving large number of Catholics from the true faith.

A report recently published by Mr.Michael Prabhu, a catholic apologist from chennai, India in his website describes how the Catholics are deviated by Mr. Joseph Ponnara through series of in house retreat programmes conducted by him every week in Zion. Mr. Joseph Ponnara's personal interpretations of the scriptures are proclaimed as personal revelation to him by "God the Father" .

Zion condemns the catholic church as false church and the controversial revelations of this new cult is attracting many Catholics from different states of India every week which is an indication of impending danger to the Catholic faith in India.

Below by Zane --

Now Mr. Ponnara will have some more research to do and add it to his list of talks which he reads when he preaches.

Things are not going right with the catholic church for ages now with all money rackets and sexual sins coming to light faster than rockets; and this is what is taken by Joseph Ponnara and his team to condemn the catholic church. 

Am I supporting the catholic church for all this? Definitely NO!  The Bible does speak of many false teachings and doctrines, so the catholic church really needs to check the word as to where they stand. However, If the catholic church is going to hell and be destroyed as they say, then they (Emperor Emmanuel) are hell bound too.

By the way: who would want to be the best sinner in Hell? The catholic church who has compromised or Mr. Ponnara - would you want to be the best holy person in Hell?

The catholic church has mixed tradition and scripture. Whereas, Mr. Ponnara has a potpourri of many cults and doctrines involved; not forgetting his twisting of scriptures and loads of research from the internet. 

The catholic church has problems with the protestant movement over hundreds of years and its mainly been tradition v/s sola scripture. And here comes one wolf in sheep's clothing - Sion's favorite son - Mr. Ponnara; what good will you profit by gaining the whole world but losing your soul at the end?

Stop here and think!

This fight is not against any church; Its ultimately between God and the devil. We know who has won as its already mentioned in the word of God.

The dealing in the spiritual is not money,  Mr. Ponnara but its souls - If you don't stop deceiving people, you may lose yours in the bargain.

Let those who have ears - clean them up and listen while there's time.

May God have mercy on his soul.

A member of God's Family - His church - His body,


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